Hotel in Tombstone, AZ

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Welcome to Tombstone, Arizona!

Click to view a roomTucked away in Southern Arizona is the Trail Rider's Inn, located in Tombstone a town right out of Tombstone history. Come visit us in Tombstone and enjoy the old Southwest!! To view pictures of our hotel, please visit the pictures section of this website. Click to view our hotel

Tombstone, Arizona is "one of the most famous" and historic mining towns in the old west. An old prospector was told he would only find his tombstone in the San Pedro Valley which was inhabited by the fearless Apache Indians. So he named his first mining claim "Tombstone", which soon became the name of the town.

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The town is located between the Dragoon and Huachuca mountains on a beautiful high mesa. During its boom period Tombstone was notorious for its brothels, saloons, and gambling houses and is also known for the famous Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday shoot-out against the Clanton's in the 1880's.

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Tombstone thrived and at one time was the most cultivated city in the West. But problems with falling silver prices and underground water flooding the mines ended the boom period of Tombstone in 1886.

Present day Tombstone has survived all these years through the boom and bust periods and the Great Depression and in the 1930's was named the "Town Too Tough To Die".